SeraVita Nutraceuticals

SeraVita's Nutraceutical Formulas, developed by Dr Hugh Smith have been in use for over 15 years.

Dr Smith's has 30 years of experience in helping thousands of clients with conditions ranging from asthma, autism, to Parkinson’s Disease. His protocols have led him to develop supplements that address many of the conditions he has encountered. 

It is his ultimate goal to see people live normal healthy lives; drug and disease free.

SeraVita LLC was formed in early 2010 to protect Dr Hugh Smith's formula quality, and customer experience. As such SeraVita and Dr Smith have opted to rename his previously popular products and make them available to the public through Amazon and other retailers. Dr Smith's products and formula's have been successfully used for over 15 years.

Sera Vita is now the exclusive manufacturer of Dr. Smith’s unique supplements and as a result his ground breaking products are available once again to the general public at affordable pricing.  

Ask your healthfood store to carry Sera Vita's products so you may pick them up locally.

We hope you become re-acquainted with our supplements and enjoy good health as thousands before you have. 

Buono fortuna!

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